1.Requierements for be a Pilot

- Have at least 16 Years Old.

-Be part of IVAO.

-Have an Account in Fsairlines.

2. The Airline

-SkyJet Virtual Airlines is NOT a real Airline, its formed for a group of enthusiast of civil and commercial aviation.. .

3.The Fleet

-SkyJet Virtual Airlines have a fleet formed by light, medium and heavy Aircrafts.

-The Aircraft most be operate in the most professional way, taking in count her limitations for the secure operation..

4. The Ranks

-In SkyJet Virtual Airlines could rise on this ranks:

-Senior Commander 250 Hrs (Theorical Exam +Practical)
-Commander 150 Hrs + (Theorical Exam +Practical)
-Captain 100 Hrs +(Theorical Exam +Practical)
-1st Officer 70 Hrs + (Theorical Exam +Practical)
-Private Pilot 35 Hrs + (Theorical Exam)
-Advanced Student 5 Hrs
-Student 0 Hrs


5. Of The Hours

-SkyJet Virtual Airlines Take only in count the Fly Hours of FsAirlines.


6.The Flights

-SkyJet Virtual Airlines Operate ONLY ON IVAO, any other flight outside of the Network is Forbbiden..


7.Pilots Activity

-Each pilot must flight at least 2 Hours per Week.

-If the Pilot Doesnt flight in 15 Days, this will have 3 days to flight with the airline again, if not will be expulsed..



-SkyJet Virtual Airlines its part of "VeneTeam" formed by LaMia Virtual, Venezuela Airways and Alisios Airlines..




Callsing: SkyJet / SkyRegional / Sky Cargo


At January 1th of 2016.

Staff de SkyJet Virtual Airlines






SkyJet Airlines Virtual is a Non-Profit organization without relation with SkyJet Virtual or SkyJet Airlines

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